Psychotherapy works.

Research has shown that effective therapy depends on: (1) client motivation to change, (2) the degree to which the therapist and client can establish a deeply understanding, accepting, and trusting relationship, and (3) therapist experience.

Timing is very important: There are times when therapy is more likely to help, and times when it is best to wait, and to try something else.

Sooner or later, the time will be right for you, your child, or your family. And when that time comes, choosing the right therapist can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

No therapist can guarantee that now is the right time for change, for self-discovery, or for personal growth.

What I can guarantee is that your therapist will be experienced, highly trained, and reliable.

In contrast to many large mental health centers and practices, I do not employ students, interns, paraprofessionals, "counselors" with only a year or two of training, or other staff who may be "here today and gone tomorrow." I have a general psychology practice, working with a broad range of individuals, families, and groups. I deal with a wide assortment of problems and concerns. My goal is to provide you with competent psychological services in a warm, personal setting that is respectful of your privacy and independence. I make appointments quickly, and at times that are as convenient as possible.

When you call me, a licensed psychotherapist (not a secretary) will return your call.


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