How, why and when do people change?

(My Counseling/Therapy Philosophy)

Respect. Reliability. Consistency. These are the cornerstones of my approach to treatment. I was originally trained in what is known as the "client-centered" and psychodynamic approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. I approach each client as a unique individual; my first objective is to see your world as you do.
As a result, I do not use "formulas" or "treatment manuals." I do not believe in a "one treatment fits all" approach that makes you feel like you are on an assembly line; I seek to discover what will work especially with you.
I do not push medications. I do not push cognitive-behavioral therapy on every client just because a managed care company believes this to be the only "cost-effective" approach. I don't report to case managers who enter details about your private life into a company computer. I provide truly private services.
I am deeply and sincerely moved by the therapeutic encounter. I have been around long enough to know that everyone engages in the change process in their own, unique way. I am used to dealing with difficult, "dark," and even shameful experiences and behaviors. To me, counseling and psychotherapy are an incredible journey, often yielding wonderful, unexpected results...sometimes right away, sometimes later.
I have been in independent practice since 1983. For over 20 years my practice has been selective and small by some standards, but this has been my conscious choice. I am here for you.